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Bryan Scott Miller was born in Sterling, Colorado. As a child, Bryan enjoyed hour upon hour of pounding nails into scrap pieces of wood in his father’s woodshop. He spent summers with his grandparents who are avid woodworkers and visual artists. Watching his grandmother at work during these summer visits inspired Bryan to pursue a life as an artist. At age ten, Bryan’s family moved to Kansas City. He slowly became accustomed to the urban lifestyle and environment – an environment which is largely reflected and referenced in much of his current work.

Bryan received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from Heron School of Art in Indiana. He then continued on to Graduate studies at Washington University in St. Louis, where he completed a Master of Fine Arts degree, also in sculpture. He contributed works of art to the 2004 Ladyfest Art Auction at Capitol Hill Arts Center (CHAC), showed work at the Urban Fetish Object traveling exhibition originating at the LGA Gallery in Boston, and Three Views on the Midwest at the Loman Gallery of New Orleans. He feels privileged to have been one of the original resident artists at the Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts. In 2009 Bryan relocated with his wife to North Central Washington and the two co-founded Icicle Arts Gallery. He currently lives in Wenatchee, teaches Art Appreciation, Painting, Sculpture, and 3-D Design at Wenatchee Valley College, and shows work in the Seattle and Tacoma areas as well as around the Wenatchee Valley. Bryan also curates for local galleries on a freelance basis, including the Robert Graves Gallery and MAC Gallery.

206.218.9144 / millerbryan.s (at) gmail (dot) com